Disruption, agility and speed are now expected in the course of business. And traditional financial planning is often outdated—making best practices such as rolling forecasts, driver-based planning, and zero-based budgeting difficult to adopt. Anaplan for Finance is different. Our flexible modeling capabilities enable the digital enterprise to automate, structure, and connect financial and operational use cases to steer business performance quickly and more effectively.

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Corporate Planning

As the guiding light for your company, your annual operating plan needs to be flexible, dynamic, and continuous. With Anaplan, your annual operating plan extends throughout the entire organization—including activity-based costing, product profitability, treasury, and workforce planning—to bend and change with your organizational, environmental, or strategic shifts. You can make the changes you need quickly, and with better accuracy, for real-time results.

Corporate Planning

Discover the “how-tos” of Connected Planning. Explore key use case elements that make up a solution and learn how they connect.

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